Our Story

Professor Egghead Science Academy Los Angeles is owned by Nick and Ross.  We grew up together exploring the world around us and figuring things out the hard way – by engineering our own Lego worlds, falling out of treehouses, and building our own go-carts.  We didn’t realize it at the time, but what we were really doing was experimenting and testing, and learning through science.

After finishing school with a degree in Environmental Science, Nick moved to LA to pursue his passion for science and the environment and began working with franchise founders Shaun and Gary just as they started developing the Professor Egghead franchise. His passion for teaching science took over, and he’s stuck with it ever since.

Ross took a longer detour to LA, spending a few years after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania working in New York, Zurich, and London before finally relocating to Los Angeles to run Professor Egghead LA with Nick.

Now that we’re together again we can’t wait to share our fascination with exploring the world through science with a new generation of kids. We always discovering new things by trying, failing, and then trying again, and we’ll always be excited about bringing the wonder of science to a new generation.

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