Our Story

Professor Egghead Science Academy was founded by a pair of brothers​, Shaun and Gary Tuch, with the goal of making science cool for kids. As kids they took apart their toys to find out how things worked, they shot off rockets and got their hands dirty. But they just never connected with science in the classroom. Too many lectures, too many textbooks; it was boring.

Fast-forward some years later, the brothers had become known for developing leading enrichment programs in Los Angeles. Over the years, they noticed two problems. First, traditional education systems were not addressing curious young minds with engaging science programs at a young age. Second, there was a huge drop in students wanting to attend secondary education for science and engineering. I.e. kids were turned off to science and engineering education, something very important. Shaun and Gary saw a direct link, and came up with a solution.

They created a company that offered educational classes they would of enjoyed as kids. No lectures, no manuals, just messy and awesome science. Shaun and Gary were determined to do something different. Starting with one class of 10 students, the program soon grew to reach over 450 kids across Los Angeles. The program then expanded to offer camps, parties, and workshops. Knowing that the need for Professor Egghead was not limited Los Angeles, CA – the brothers opened the Academy for franchising. Whether a child is going to be a scientist or not, they should still gain the tools to think creatively and understand how the world works. It makes for a better future, for all. Science has never been this cool!


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