Most Important Factor To Consider When Buying a Franchise

November 19, 2014

Franchise Buying Tips: 27 Franchising Experts Share The #1 Most Important Factor to Consider When Purchasing a Franchise

When looking for the top factor to consider when buying a franchise, Direct Capitol looks to Professor Egghead Science Academy for Answers…

Here’s what we said:

The most important factor one should consider in buying a franchise is…

“Can you see yourself doing it?

Between the FDD and weeks/months of talks the franchisee should have all the facts they need to make an informed business decision. The one answer that won’t come up in a brochure or the FDD is whether or not they can see themselves doing the work.

Picture wearing the logo, talking to friends and family about it, etc. If that looks good – and the Franchise is on the up and up – then you’re going to enjoy your new career path!”

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