After School Classes

Here at the Academy, we pride ourselves on taking a different approach to teaching science and engineering. NO boring diagrams, NO homework, and NO textbooks. We provide simple, real world explanations that translate to real learning. On top of all that, it’s ridiculously fun. We work around the clock to keep our curriculum up to date, with the latest research in science and engineering, to guarantee that it is scientifically accurate, engaging and, of course, cool! Our after school classes focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Only by getting a chance to think outside the box in scientific terms at a young age, can true scientific leaders come to be…and go on to change the world. With new classes in science and engineering offered every session – kids will never get bored!

We are completely mobile. Rather than you coming to us, we come to you with our MobileLab™ in tow.

Every class is filled with action for the entire hour. We believe that thinking requires doing.

Our specialized curriculum is designed to engage kids between the ages of 4.5 – 10 years old.

Each program lasts for 8 to 10 weeks depending on the schools calendar.


Trained by the Academy, our Professors are energetic, enthusiastic and professional.

We believe that science is cool, super cool! So we add no fluff…Just fun!

Kids can earn their Egghead Degree in 9 different areas. Beware we make kids think.

We believe that in order to truly learn something, you must experiment.

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