Cool Summer Camps

Summer just got AWESOME! Professor Egghead Science Academy is taking summer by storm with the coolest science summer camp in the world. Half day and full day camps available all summer long. Each day is overflowing with fun and science. This is not your grandma’s summer science camp – rockets, slime and mysteries to be solved are on the agenda this summer. Not only do kids get a chance to be somewhere new and make new friends, they get a chance to learn about the world of science and watch their own brains grow (okay, we know that’s not physically possible, but you get the idea). There’s no need to stop learning just because it’s summertime!

Pick from several awesome themes that have been kid tested and parent approved.

Engaging specialized curriculum that is designed for Eggheads ages K – 3rd.

Trained by the Academy, our Professors are energetic, enthusiastic and professional.

We believe that science is cool, super cool! So we add no fluff…Just fun!


Design your summer to include awesomeness, with several types of camps to choose from.

Summer is also about getting outside and hang in in the sun and break a sweat.

Campers get the take their experiment home at the end of the week to keep the fun going.

We want everyone to like science so we make our camps affordable, but high quality.

Interested in our cool summer camps?

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Would you like to run your own science and engineering summer camps? Check out what franchise opportunities we have available in your area.