Science Enrichment Programs

after school enrichment programs

our program

Professor Egghead Science Academy provides after school enrichment classes on your campus. Once the school bell rings, the fun just begins. With the aid of our specialized, hands-on curriculum, students participate in interactive, 1-hour enrichment classes after school with a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Equipped with our MobileLab™, our enthusiastic Professors are always prepared to run supremely awesome and refreshingly interactive classes. 

our curriculum

Here at the Academy, we pride ourselves on a taking different approach to science curriculum. The Academy Mission is: Make Science Accessible, Understandable, and Cool, and our curriculum shows exactly how serious we are about that. We don’t just talk about science we do science! Lessons are filled with experiments, demonstrations and inquiry based situations. Our goal is not only for the kids to have fun, but to learn at the same time. 

Completely Mobile

We bring our program to your school

1 hour classes

Each class is filled with action for an entire hour

grades pK-3rd

Our specialized curriculum is designed for ages 5-9.

8-10 Week sessions

Each session is customized to your school calendar

Taught by Professors

Each Our energetic, experienced Professors teach classes


We teach real science… No fluff, just fun.

certified egghead

Students enrolled in classes become real Eggheads!

Earn a Degree

We make the youngest, coolest scientists in the world. 

Science Classes

Calling all Eggheads to the lab with the SCIENCE SYMBOL! Eggheads become science superheroes this session as they bend their vision, learn about super smelling, crazy illusions, ultrasonic hearing and tons more! Each week, Eggheads will learn the science behind super strength and all the other things our superheroes need, and take home their experiment to help them be super themselves! 

Your mission? Become the world’s greatest secret agent! Once the challenge is accepted, Egghead Agents will write with invisible inks by making chemical reactions, make spy tools like periscopes and spy glasses to take home as they learn about mirrors, and crack secret codes with the science of crytography on their way to becoming super spies

This session, students become real-life inventors on Professors Egghead’s team as they experiment with awesome inventions like helicopters, hovercraft, rockets, and catapults and learn the science behind what makes them work! Then they’ll create their very own inventions to take home at the end of each class. 

.Something mysterious is happening at the Academy! Cookies have been snatched, trophies have been taken, a mascot is missing, a notebook has vanished into thin air, and most importantly – Professor Egghead’s prized portrait has been STOLEN! Come join the Egghead Detective Squad this session as we dust for prints, decode messages, analyze DNA, and use real forensic science techniques to crack the cases

Blast off this session with the Egghead Astronaut Crew as we explore the far reaches of our universe. Students will set off rockets, make huge chemical reactions, make lava slime, look for life and rocks on other planets, recycle water in space, and make out of this world volcanoes on their way to becoming astronauts! The best part? They get to take home their experiment every week! 

Strap on your gear, grab your binoculars, and join the Egghead Explorer Squad as we fizz, pop, mix, and experiment our way around the Earth! As Egghead Explorers, students will make a sundial to keep track of the time, a flashlight to see in the dark, fake tar pits, fossils, volcanoes, snow, magnetic cars, and tons more. The best part? They get to take it all home! 

engineering classes

Come join the Egghead Engineering Team this session as we design and build huge structures! Using LEGO™ students will build mega bridges that can withstand over 4 lbs. of weight, 4 foot tall skyscrapers, awesome lighthouses, and tons more. Then, we’ll try to knock em down, crush them, and put them to the test! At the end of the session, students will receive an Egghead Engineering Super Structures Degree proving they’re ready to build anything they can dream up! 

Think you’ve got what it takes to be an Egghead Machine Engineer?! Using LEGO™, students will design and build real mega machines like spinning windmills, lifting cranes, elevators, cars, and way more. We’ll use wheels, bands, gears, pulleys, and tons of other cool specialty Lego pieces to build our Machines, and then after the building phase is complete we’ll put them to the test. That means we’ll try to break ’em, blow them over, and put weight on them. If you pass the test, you pass the challenge!

Strap in, because this session the Egghead Engineering team is hopping in the time machine and going back in ancient history to build huge engineering marvels! Using LEGOs, students will build awesome ancient creations like aqueducts, huge dams, wells, and giant coliseums. Then, we’ll test them with the crush test, the weight test, and all of our other tests to make sure they can stand up to the challenge! 

in school workshops

we bring the science to your school

Professor Egghead provides in school workshops at your school or location on a variety of topics. We offer workshops for Preschool up to 4th grade, and match NGSS Science Standards to make sure that your students are learning the real science that they need to. 

All of our Workshop programs come with the same high quality as our after school classes. A Professor will arrive 15 minutes before the workshop start time with all of the gear and their MobileLab. Then, we’ll engage in an hour long workshop with the whole class while you kick your feet up, relax, and enjoy watching the kids have a blast with science. 

We provide all materials for the class, and only need access to water and desks and chairs for the students. 

Workshops start at $269 for up to 25 kids, and we provide discounts for back to back workshops. email us at [email protected] or call us at 818-856-3996  to book a workshop, or fill out the inquriy form below for a list of available workshops and pricing. 

frequently asked questions

Where are your classes held?

We bring our awesome after school classes to schools, parks, community centers and homes all over Los Angeles. For our after school programs and workshops, we just need a room to fit up to 14 students. For our Science classes, we do prefer a sink, but it isn’t required. For our Lego classes, we prefer a hard surface (no chairs or desks required!), but it is not required.

What do I need to do to bring professor egghead to my school?

Simple! Give us a call at 818-856-3996 and we will give you all the information you need to start a Professor Egghead program at your school. If you are a school administrator or coordinator, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. We provide everything needed to get up and running with the program, including registrations, flyers, free demonstration classes, audits, and more! 

If you are a parent looking to bring us into your school, we offer free classes for parent who connect us with their schools if we do end up running classes. Give us a ring at 818-856-3996 or email us at [email protected] 

What times are available?

Whatever time you’d like. We don’t set specific dates/times for our workshops. Instead, we let you choose. Any time works for us, although we prefer multiple classes to be back to back with as little time between the two classes as possible to make it easier on our Professors. We are usually available any day of the week, and can book on short notice if needed. Give us a ring!

Who are your professors and how are they traineD?

Our Professors, all trained by the Academy, are enthusiastic, experienced and knowledgeable. Every Professor that goes out into the world to spread science has gone through a strict hiring process and passed a thorough background check. Our training process includes 3 training and observed classes, 4 online training modules, background checks, observed classes, and multiple rounds of feedback before anyone steps foot in a classroom.

There is a reason we are known for our Professors – they love science and we love them. Ask us if you have any preferences on Professor for your school to see if we can accommodate.

What do you do in classes and workshops?

All of our classes and workshops are based off of the kinesthetic model, or learning by doing. We pack each lesson with hands on experiments and fun demonstrations with student interaction that teach keywords and scientific or engineering concepts through the action. 

All of our science classes end with a takehome and keyword stickers for students, and all of our engineering classes teach real engineering concepts each week and focus on designing, building, and testing creations.  

What are the different classes and workshops you offer?

This is our specialty! Because we focus so heavily on science and engineering, we have a lot of curriculum. For our after school science classes, we offer 6 different modules that rotate seasonaly for our science, and 3 for our engineering. Each session Fall, Winter, Spring, we switch to a new module, so a student can take our science classses for two full years without ever repeating a lesson!

For our Workshops, we offer all of these lessons as individual workshops, which means we have over 60 science lessons and 30 engineering lessons to choose from for in school learning. We custom fit our curriculum and lesson to your standards, so you get to pick the topic!

what is an egghead id card and degree?

Just as adults are challenged with solving the deepest mysterious in the universe in higher education, so to are your Eggheads when they attend our after school classes. Therefore we must award them with an Egghead Degree in the field of their study. Egghead Degrees are distributed to all students who attend our classes when they graduate the last lesson of the session. 

We are a church/synagogue/special location with special needs for attire or procedure. Can you accommodate us?

Absolutely. We are very respectful of all cultures, ideas, and people. We work with Catholic schools, Orthodox Jewish schools, high and low income communities, gifted and special needs students, and we can bring science to everyone.

If you have specific requirements for attire or customs, such as no handshaking, knee length skirts, special training such as Virtus, or more, we can accomodate you with no questions asked and are very familiar with many of these customs and requirements.