Become an Egghead

What We Do

Taught in a fun and very unique way, Professor Egghead Science Academy offers interactive science and engineering programs. We aim to change the way kids learn science, and we have a blast while doing it!

Join the Academy after school for hands-on, interactive science or engineering classes – where kids can earn their very own Egghead Degree… Pretty awesome, right?!


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 Not only do you get a chance make new friends, you also get a chance to learn about science and watch your own brain grow (okay, we know that’s not physically possible).


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Grab your goggles! This year’s birthday party is going to be…just a little bit different. In fact, Professor Egghead is sending his very finest Professor to your child’s party.


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We provide intensely engaging in-school science workshops on your school’s campus, during school hours, that will get your students excited about the world of science.


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About Us

Our Story

Professor Egghead Science Academy was founded by a pair of brothers​, Shaun and Gary Tuch, with the goal of making science cool for kids. As kids they took apart their toys to find out how things worked, they shot off rockets and got their hands dirty. But they just never connected with science in the classroom. Too many lectures, too many textbooks; it was boring… Read More.

Our Curriculum

When people think of science, they picture boring lectures, words they don’t understand, and fighting the overwhelming urge to fall asleep. So, we went to the lab and looked into the science behind “Cool”. We came up with the perfect equation! A curriculum designed to be both awesome and educational. Our specialized, hands-on curriculum is designed to cultivate the next generation of curious minds. Don’t you wish you had this as a kid?!

Our Method

We provide simple, real world explanations, by getting our hands messy… which translates to real learning. On top of all that, it’s fun. Ridiculously fun! We pride ourselves on taking a different approach to teaching Science and Engineering. Remember the days of complicated diagrams and explanations in your textbooks? Are you getting a headache? Well don’t worry; we fixed the problem

How We Teach

The key to our specialized curriculum is that it’s designed to engage kids in a short period of time while still leaving them with a concrete understanding of important scientific and engineering concepts and ideas. In this fast-paced world of high-speed Internet connections and rapid uploading, we offer programs where we can rapidly upload information straight into students’ minds (well, maybe not literally…but…wait, maybe someday!).

 Our Mission: Make Science Accessible, Understandable, and Cool!

Our Mission In Action

Contact Us

We know! Our programs sound like a blast. If you are unable to find a location near you, and have questions about our classes, parties, camps or workshops, let us know below!

If you would like to learn more about our low cost franchise opportunity, please visit our franchise page for details.