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Where Kids Get EXCITED About Science.

We strive to build a world that everyone can understand on a deep level, and prepare students for a world of opportunity in stem.

STEM Enrichment Classes

We do science, and we do it right. All our science classes are fully hands on, and whether you're at home, in school, or anywhere else, you can join us in the Lab with our classes.

We provide simple, real world explanations, by getting our hands messy… which translates to real learning. On top of all that, it’s fun. Ridiculously fun! We pride ourselves on taking a different approach. We think you'll like it.

parties and Events

With jaw dropping demonstrations like huge dry ice bubbles, chemicals changing color, walking through a cloud, imploding cans, dry ice rockets, and more, our parties are built to impress!  Whether you're a parent looking for an incredible birthday party, or a school looking to pump up your camp or entire campus with a fun reward, we've got you covered. 

Professor Egghead provides Science Parties, Slime Parties, Special Event, Assemblies, Booths, and Workshops on over 100 science and engineering topics. You pick up the phone, and we do the rest.

summer camps

From high flying water rockets to stomp pads, solving mysteries and more, we make science camp fun! We offer weeklong full day, half day, and custom science camp programs for kids at home, in parks, and in schools, all for kids ages 4-10.

All of our camps come with incredible STEM lessons, take homes each day, and a lifetime of memories for our STEM explorers. 

Grant-based programs

If you're looking for an ELO-P Science Program, or an ASES or 21st Century Science Program for your school or district, Professor Egghead Science Academy Provides a turnkey solution to deliver fun and education to your students while satisfying all ELOP and other grant-based funding requirements,

Our completely mobile program comes directly to your school or district in person and provides on-site and hands-on science and engineering programs based on over a decade of experience in the industry. Whether you have ELO-P, 21st Century, ASES, Upward Bound, Trio, or other funding, get in touch with us to talk about a partnership and how we can help.

Upward Bound Science Program

in school workshops

We provide science workshops on location anywhere that has access to water. With over 120 lessons, and twice as many experiments, we provide all materials and  match your theme or curriculum to make science fun in the classroom.

Science Education is important, and can give your families the competitive edge for a STEM career later in life in addition to helping them understand their world and the wonder in it. Bring value to your families by providing them a Better Science Education in the classroom. All classes leave students learning 3 keywords and a science or engineering topic each week.

A Word

From the Professor

" Thanks for joining me in the lab! I can't wait to experiment with all of you and see you all soon. 

Remember, ANYWHERE can be your laboratory - your house, your school, the beach, your yard, or even your bedroom! Have fun, and mix up something cool!"

- Professor Egghead