Dry Ice Shows

Grab your goggles! This year’s birthday is going to be…just a little bit different. In fact, Professor Egghead is sending his very finest scientist to your Egghead’s science birthday party, with the Academy’s MobileLab™ in tow. That’s right, we come to you!

what to expect at a dry ice show

Our Party Professor kicks off with interactive science demonstrations to amaze and surprise, using dry ice and more. The birthday Egghead becomes the Assistant Professor, dressing in their own t-shirt and helping our Professor out with the demonstrations. Then, all the kids do their own experiment that they take home, which you pick when you choose the theme!

How to Book A PARTY?

First, browse and choose your theme below or call us at 818-856-3996 to help you pick.

Then, submit an inquiry for your party and someone will get back to you within one business day to help you book your party!

1 Hour Long Science Party

45m long

Ages 4-10 Science Party

ages 3-10

No Mess Science Birthday Party

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Virtual Science Party Available

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1 Hour Long Science Party
Ages 4-10 Science Party

our dry ice show

In all of our awesome dry ice show, kids see amazing science demonstrations done by the Professor with help from the audience! Our dry ic shows are perfect for kids ages 3-10, and are specifically tailred for the age range we are working with.

Demonstrations include amazing giant dry ice bubbles, magic color changing chemicals, dry ice bubbles you can hold in your hand, magic imploding cans, sky high flying dry ice rockets, and tons more! Then, we’ll all do a hands on experiment to take home. 

presentation timeline:

  • -:15 – :00 –  Professor arrives and sets up party
  • :00 – :45 – Fun, High Energy Science Demonstrations
  • :45+ – Professor Cleans Up All Party Materials

how to book a show

Want to book a dry ice performance? It’s simple! Just follow the steps below or contact us. Please keep in mind that our dry ice shows can be run anywhere, whether it’s your home, a park, or a school. All that we need is the kids, and we provide the rest!

Step 1: Call us at 818-856-3996 or submit an inquiry below to book your party

Step 2: Relax, and have fun! We handle the rest.

Each show includes:

  • 45 Minutes of High Energy Demonstrations
  • Over 9 Different Experiments
  • Science Learning Woven Into the Fun!

The kids LOVED it! They were paying attention the entire time (which honestly was shocking to me) they ranged in age from 3-6 so I thought it’d be a little over their heads but she made it fun and interactive and they were super into it!

Lilian P

San Diego, CA

Couldn’t be happier with our daughter’s 5th birthday party!

Professor Egghead (Professor Delilah) completely surpassed our expectations.

She had 30 kids enthralled with her presentations, demonstrating color changing acids/bases, dry ice etc etc – it suited our daughter down to the ground. It was exciting and they all learned something too!

Chloe N.

Los Angeles, CA

Good communication, easy to work with and we got to have a bit of science in our own backyard!  Professor Kimberly was wonderful with the kids and stayed distant while demonstrating.  She was very careful to put on her mask when she needed to come near the kids to pass out supplies to make slime.  We used them once before and this was our second time.  Highly recommend!


Beverly Hills, CA

We just used Professor Egghead for my daughter’s 5th birthday party.  The theme we chose was “Freakin Frozen” since she wanted a Frozen themed party!  It was perfect!  Professor Kelley was super good with the kids and so accomodating to our time.  We had so much fun learning about science (I think the adults loved it as much as the kids if not more!) and making fake snow at the end.  
All in all, I loved the fact that it was educational and fun at the same time.  I can’t wait to call them again so we can have them over!  
Thank you for the best time!

Jennifer P.

Los Angeles, CA

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