Halloween Science Party

Be the parent with the Halloween Party everyone remembers!  If you want to get seriously spookified, call the experts. With slime, witches' cauldrons, dry ice, potions, and brews, Professor Egghead is ready to give you the coolest Halloween party EVER!

How to Book?

First, browse our party packages below or call us at 818-856-3996 to help you pick.

Then, submit an inquiry for your desired program. Let us help you find the perfect party for you!

science halloween party - $324 and up

Our Party Professor kicks off with 35-40 minutes of jaw dropping demonstrations like huge dry ice bubbles, chemicals changing color, walking through a cloud, imploding cans, dry ice rockets, and more!  During that time, the birthday Egghead becomes the Assistant Professor, helping out with the demonstrations. Then, once that part’s done, it’s on to experiments, where you'll choose the theme, and we'll make and take home an experiment to match it!

best for 5-50 kids

Best for Ages: 4-10

Best for: School Event, Birthday Party, Holiday Celebration

Length: 1 Hour

Cost: $324 for up to 20 participant, $389 for up to 50 Participants. (Participants are only kids who make experiment to take home, there is no fee for any observers).

Driving fee applies >15 miles from zip 91601.

Complimentary t-shirt and poster if it is a birthday.

Take home: Slime!

Subject to availability and blackout dates.


Professor Egghead Science Birthday Party
Professor Egghead Science Birthday Party

science halloween show - $259 and up

The same as our party, but without the experiment! This show takes our partygoers through over 10 spooky science demonstrations, with dry ice and fun included! The show runs about 45 minutes... if everyone is brave enough to stay!

best for 5-100 kids

Best for Ages: 4-10

Best for: School Event, Holiday Celebration

Length: 45 Minutes

Cost: $259 for up to 50 participants, $299 for up to 100 Participants.

Driving fee applies >15 miles from zip 91601.

Subject to availability and blackout dates.


frequently asked questions

When can I book a Halloween Party?

We run our Halloween Parties from September 30th to October 31st, 7 days a week. Time slots do fill up quickly close to Halloween. The best way to check your party date is to give us a call at 818-856-3996. One of our Party Professors is standing by the phone (within business hours) ready to help.

What if we don't celebrate Halloween?

No problem! We can spookify any holiday. Just let us know your flavor! Professor Egghead runs Purim Parties, and spooky science parties without the halloween decor. Inquire and mention at time of booking.

How Do I Book a Party?

All of our parties are booked by filling out our booking form online or filling out a booking form received via email. Parties are not booked without a deposit received. If you have any questions or need a booking form, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 818.856.3996.

How Far in advance do i need to book?

The earlier the better. We prefer for parties to be booked at least 3 weeks prior to your party date, but we understand that's not always possible. As long as your deposit is received at least one week prior to the party date, we guarantee we'll have a Professor available. With less than one week until your party date, we do not guarantee that we are available, however we work to find a Professor that can run your party and then contact you when we're confirmed. No parties are ever confirmed without a deposit received. 

What times are available?

Whatever time you'd like! We don't set specific party times because we know that your party is unique and we want to accommodate your schedule. The only thing that we ask is that your party call time is at least 30 minutes prior to our start time, in order to allow time for everyone to arrive before we begin. We are unable to push back start times of parties to wait for guests as we usually have other parties to get to in the day! If you are booking your party within 2 weeks of the party date, we may reserve the right to confirm the time is available first, however we seldom find any issue scheduling for your preferred time. 

how much space or what items do i need to run a party?

Parties require minimal effort and items on your part. We come with absolutely everything needed for all of our parties with the exception of a table to put our materials on, and access to water somewhere to fill up a pitcher prior to the show. The table is ideally 4+ feet long, and even a park table works. For our slime parties, we also require an additional table for each 8 participants, due to the fact that for that party the participants will be seated when they make the slime. In all of our other parties participants are seated on the ground in front of our Professor or are standing.

what ages are the parties recommended for?

Our parties vary in age requirements slightly by type of party. Smaller children, under 4.5 years old, lack the dexterity to make experiments themselves and need parental assistance to do so. They are also frightened by loud noises and some elements of our presentations, so we recommend all younger Eggheads (3.5-4.5) are booked separately so that we may accomodate for our shows. 

  • Science Party: 4.5-10 years old.
  • Science Shows: 3.5 - 10 years old
  • Stretchy Slime Parties: 7+ years old
  • Slime Stations: 7+ years old
  • Experiment Booths: 4.5+ years old (3+ with parent assistance)
  • Custom Events: 4.5 - 12 years old

What are the different themes you offer?

Our parties have differen themes depending on your party type! Here are the themes that we offer for our various parties. In all of our parties, the themes do not change the content of the party, only the small take home experiment at the end. For our science party and events, the 35-40 minute demonstration portion is the same regardless of theme. For our Slime Party and Slime Station, the party is identical for both themes excepting the decoration color.

Science Parties and Events:

  • What's a Matta - We