ELOP Science Program

If you're looking for an ELOP Science Program, or an ASES or 21st Century Science Program for your school or district, Professor Egghead Science Academy Provides a turnkey solution to deliver fun and education to your students while satisfying all ELOP and other grant-based funding requirements,

Our completely mobile program comes directly to your school or district in person and provides on-site and hands-on science and engineering programs based on over a decade of experience in the industry. Whether you have ELOP, 21st Century, ASES, Upward Bound, Trio, or other funding, get in touch with us to talk about a partnership and how we can help.

Interested in how we satisfy all ELOP Requirements? See our ELOP Satisfying Criteria page!

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Award Winning Curriculum

The key to our high quality curriculum is that it’s designed to engage students in a short period of time while still leaving them with a concrete understanding of important scientific concepts and ideas.

ELOP Science Programs Include:

  • High Energy Instruction
  • Hands On Science Experiments
  • Science Demonstrations
  • Science Keywords
  • A Take-home from class

Easy For Your Staff

Before coming on site, we handle making sure all logistics are accounted for, and all procedures are in our hands. You can trust our experience with over 60,000 students to catch everything needed to ensure a smooth launch.

What We Provide:

  • Propose program content
  • Propose Group Sizing
  • Logistics and Rostering
  • Class Management and Teaching
  • Pre-Service Planning Meeting
Science Summer Camp Professor Egghead Rocket

The Egghead Difference

With over 13 years in the industry, we are a full service STEM provider with a track record to prove it. Our ELOP partners rave about our programs, and our experience shows it. STEM is our specialty, and all that we do.

Our History:

  • Over 40 District Partners
  • Over 600 School Partners
  • 60,000+ Students Taught
  • 13 Years Experience
  • STEM Focus Exclusively

over a decade of experience

For over 13 years, we've delivered quality science workshops and STEM programs to grant-funded school sites. Whether you have an ELOP grant, an ASES grant, 21st Century Grant, Gear Up, Upward Bound, Trio, or any other grant-based educational funding, we satisfy the requirements for your funds with Professor Egghead Programs.

We will send you a detailed proposal for scheduling, days, times, classes, and content, and work with your schedule to build out a partnership that works for you.  After sending the proposal, we'll work with you to design something that works for you.


  • Background Checks of All Employees
  • Scheduling of multiple teachers and sites on the same day
  • Group sizes of up to 25 students
  • ELOP Ratios of 20:1 for 1st-6th grade and 10:1 for PreK and K
  • Insurance Coverage (high limit coverage)
  • STEM-Based Curriculum
Professor Ashley making Volcanoes in ELOP Science Program

a better ELOP Science Program

No Toys, No Frills , No Boredom. That's our promise. All of our content is designed in house, and all of materials are built right in California by us.  In our science ELOP Programs and other grant funded-programs, we pair learning with fun for the perfect combination of engagement and education. Students leave class learning 3-5 science keywords each week that align with NGS standards.

As a qualified Small Business (LSBE), we also will help to satisfy requirements for small business utilization  for your city or district.

Each ELOP Science Program includes:

  • High Energy Instruction
  • 2 Hands On Science Experiments
  • 2 Science Demonstrations by the Professor
  • 3 Science Keywords and a Take-home  Keyword Sticker
  • A Take-home Science Experiment
  • Learning Connections to Real life
ELOP Science Program Experiment

For more information on ELOP Science Program guidelines visit https://www.cde.ca.gov/ls/ex/elofaq.asp

""My 6 year old participates in Professor Egghead Science Academy after school in his ELOP Program. He loves it and looks forward to class every week. I highly recommend.

Amanda C. - Los Angeles, CA

"What a great class! My son thrived in it. He is so much more confident building Legos and he wants to do a science experiment daily! I highly recommend this class! "

Deah R. - Valley Glen, CA

"My daughter took 2 years worth of the program. She would come home raving about the scientific concepts she learned that week. She seemed to retain them too!"

Shari F. - Manhattan Beach

frequently asked questions

Where are your ELOP And Grant Funded enrichment classes held?

We bring our classes directly to your school or district, on site and in person.

What are the Program Requirements?

For our Science classes, we do prefer a sink, but it isn't required. For our Lego classes, we prefer a hard surface for building. 

We do ask that we have a dedicated space for class that isn't shared with other programs and has a maximum of 30 students in the space. 



What times are available for your enrichment programs?

Whatever time you'd like. We don't set specific dates/times for our workshops. We require at least 2 hours of on-site programming each day that we run, and we prefer that if we have multiple school sites, that they are spread out throughout the week to have a similar number of programs running each day of the week. 

Who are your professors and how are they traineD?

Our Professors, all trained by the Academy, are enthusiastic, experienced and knowledgeable. Every Professor that goes out into the world to spread science has gone through a strict hiring process and passed a thorough background check. Our training process includes rigorous onboarding, training, on site observations, and a history of similar work before anyone steps foot in a classroom.

There is a reason we are known for our Professors - they love science and we love them. 

What do you do in the classes?

All of our classes and workshops are based off of the kinesthetic model, or learning by doing. We pack each lesson with hands on experiments and fun demonstrations with student interaction that teach keywords and scientific or engineering concepts through the action.

All of our science classes end with a takehome and keyword stickers for students, and all of our engineering classes teach real engineering concepts each week and focus on designing, building, and testing creations.  

What are the different themes you offer?

This is our specialty! Because we focus so heavily on science and engineering, we have a lot of curriculum. For our after school science classes, we offer 6 different modules that rotate seasonaly for our science, and 4 for our engineering. Each session Fall, Winter, Spring, we switch to a new module, so a student can take our science classses for two full years without ever repeating a lesson!

what is an egghead id card and degree?

Just as adults are challenged with solving the deepest mysterious in the universe in higher education, so to are your Eggheads when they attend our after school classes. Therefore we must award them with an Egghead Degree in the field of their study. Egghead Degrees are distributed to all students who attend our classes when they graduate the last lesson of the session.