video science lessons for kids GRADES K-3

Our Video Science Lessons provide a Better Science Education for students in grades K-3 through a high-quality, NGSS aligned curriculum. Our video curriculum helps teachers and schools deliver real science to their kids.

Videos are accessible from your home or classroom. Each lesson is FULLY HANDS ON and INTERACTIVE, with kids following along with their at home materials as the Professor mixes, pours, and reacts their way through the lesson!

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video science lesson features

With our Online Science Videos, the process is simple:

1) View materials list for each video online and gather items from around the house.

2) Log in and watch video, following along with at home lessons.

3) Learn real science!

During each lesson, they’ll be guided live each week for 30 minutes through amazing demonstrations, hands on experiments, and different topics in science as they discover the joy of the world around them. 

each lesson includes:

1: List of at home materials needed for the experiment

2:  30 minute science video with access and links for your class or school to each purchased lesson

3:  Coverage of NGSS Science Standards in the curriculum, with an emphasis on grade levels K-3.

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