Looking for the perfect event? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re hosting a science fair, throwing an end of year party for your class, or hosting a special event for your scout troop, our dry ice party will make you the superstar for bring the fun! Our Dry Ice Show is always the hit of the party, with chemicals changing color, rockets popping off, and plenty of mind-blowing experiments and demonstrations for everyone to enjoy.

what to expect at a DRY ICE party

Our Party Professor kicks off with interactive science demonstrations to amaze and surprise, using dry ice and more. We’ll choose some lucky guests to help us and become our assistants as we learn some science! Then, all the kids do their own experiment that they take home, which you pick when you choose the theme!

How to Book A PARTY?

First, browse and choose your theme below or call us at 818-856-3996 to help you pick.

Then, submit an inquiry for your party and someone will get back to you within one business day to help you book your party!

1 Hour Long Science Party

1 hour long

Ages 4-10 Science Party

ages 4-10

Science Party Themes

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slime take home experiment science party

take homes

No Mess Science Birthday Party

No Mess

Virtual Science Party Available

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1 Hour Long Science Party
Ages 4-10 Science Party

our dry ice party and event

In our awesome dry ice show, kids see amazing party demonstrations done by the Professor with help from the audience while they learn real science!

Demonstrations include amazing giant dry ice bubbles, magic color changing chemicals, dry ice bubbles you can hold in your hand, magic imploding cans, sky high flying dry ice rockets, and tons more! Then, we’ll all do a hands on experiment to take home. 

dry ice party timeline:

  • -:15 – :00 –  Professor arrives and sets up party
  • :00 – :40 – Fun, High Energy Science Demonstrations
  • :40 – :60 – Hands On Science Experiment 
  • :60+ – Professor Cleans Up All Party Materials

how to book a science party

Want to book a science Dry Ice Party? It’s simple! Just follow the steps below or contact us.

Step 1: Browse our dry ice party themes below and choose your theme. 

Step 2: Call us at 818-856-3996 or submit an inquiry below to book your party

Step 3: Relax, and have fun! We handle the rest.

Each Party includes:

  • 40 Minutes of High Energy Demonstrations
  • Science Experiment for All Kids
  • All Materials Provided
  • Science Learning Woven Into the Fun!

science birthday party themes

gravity gone crazy party theme

Boiiiinnggg! Sometimes, it’s all about sticking together. After learning about the science of gravity firsthand, kids come back down to earth to make their own take home rubber meteors that will be bouncing off the walls for weeks – literally! To make this bouncy ball, we use a special polymer that absorbs water. Best for ages 7+. Learn more about polymers at https://www.learnpolymers.org/!

freakin frozen!

Professor Egghead Snow Experiment Science Birthday PartyBundle up for our chilliest party ever, because it’s time to get Freakin’ Frozen! First, kids learn all about the science of ice and temperature. Then, they’ll cool it down with their very own take home experiment – snow. By the time it’s all over, you can bet they’ll be frost-bitten with the science bug! For this experiment, we’ll using a super absorbing polymer that takes on over 1000 times its weight in water! Greater for younger Eggheads (age 4+). 



what's a matta!

Professor Egghead Slime Experiment Birthday Party

What’s a Matta’, ya never had an awesome birthday party before?! Well don’t worry, we got somethin’ special for ya. In this science party, we learn all about polymers and matter as party participants make and take home their very own too-hot-to-handle Lava Slime. Using two special chemicals, we’ll mix up our cross-linked polymers. It’s always a hit, and great for all ages with no mess!