science workshops

Provide a Better Science Education for your students or through a hands-on, fun, and high energy in school science workshop for kids ages 4-10. Our completely mobile program comes directly to your school and provides new STEM opportunities for your child to get a competitive advantage, or to get your elementary school looking to beef up your science program with an exciting curriculum, we've got you covered. 

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science workshops

what we provide

We promise a Better Science Education, and we deliver. Be the hero, and help us bring an exciting, fun, and educational curriculum to your elementary or homeschool families after school. Our science workshop program for elementary is one hour long, has over 120 options available, and aligns with TK-4 NGSS Science Standards.  


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  • Insurance Coverage
  • Free Demo Days for Kids
  • Scholarships for Students with Financial Needs

a better science workshop

Science Education is important, and can give your families the competitive edge for a STEM career later in life in addition to helping them understand their world and the wonder in it. Bring value to your families by providing them a Better Science Education in the classroom. All classes leave students learning 3 keywords and a science or engineering topic each week.

Each workshop includes:

  • High Energy Instruction
  • 2 Hands On Science Experiments
  • 2 Science Demonstrations by the Professor
  • 3 Science Keywords and a Takehome  Keyword Sticker
  • A Takehome Science Experiment

our curriculum

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