Snowed In

For more info and to book a Snowed in Party call us now at 818-856-3996 or fill out the contact info to the left. If you ended up here accidentally, go back to our normal Party booking page HERE.

It’s that time of the year again! The windows are frosty, the candles are lit, the snow is falling, and Science is in the air! If you’re looking for some winter wonderland fun, look no further than our SNOWED IN PARTY. Just because you’re in LA, you don’t have to miss out on the snowy fun! Whether it’s a winter holiday party at a school, or a company party that needs entertainment for young Eggheads, we’ve got you covered!

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Professor Egghead is sending his very finest scientist to you with the Academy’s MobileLab™ in tow, full of our flasks, beakers, cylinders, test tubes, dry ice, and a whole lot more! That’s right, we come to you! Our Party Professor will start off with interactive science demonstrations that will only leave your guests wanting more. The birthday Egghead becomes the Assistant Professor (just a quick stop on the path to becoming the next Einstein), helping our Professor out with the demonstrations. Then, once that part’s done, it’s on to experiments!

Snowed in Party Theme

All the kids will make their very own fake snow in an Egghead MiniLab™ of their very own! Don’t worry, it’s not real, so there won’t be any mess or melting. Eggheads will get to fully customize the color of their snow, and if they leave it out to evaporate in the sun after they get home, they can actually redo the experiment all over again with their parents! We provide everything to make the Winter Wonderland.



Science Party FAQS

How do I check if my party date is available?
The best way to check your ideal party date is to give us a call at 818-856-3996. One of our Party Professors is standing by the phone (within business hours) ready to help.

What will the kids be doing at the science party?
Our science party is action packed with demonstrations and actual experiments. Your birthday Egghead will become an assistant Professor for the party and help out with some cool demos.

Do I need a lot of space?
The space needed will depend on how many participants you’re expecting. Give us a call and we can figure it out together!

Are there different themes to choose from?
Yes! Our cool science party themes are kid tested and parent approved.

What ages do you recommend the science party for?
While we do like the little Eggheads, our parties are for kids between the ages of 5-10. We don’t bring any fluff to our parties, just science… super cool science.

How long is the science party?
Our science party runs for about 1 hour. We recommend that you book us for at least 30 min after the party start time.

How much is a cool science party?
We have different packages depending on the number of Eggheads participating. Give us a call to hear the party specials of the week!

Do you have specific times that I can have my party?
Glad you brought it up! Times can fluctuate for parties, so give us a call and we’ll work with you!

Do you have party add-ons?
Every participant gets to take home the experiment that they made along with some cool Academy stickers. If you would like to add something a little extra, we do offer an Egghead Shirt upgrade. Shirts are only $15 each.

Professor Egghead Science Academy blew us away! I booked through Nick Fraher for my daughter’s 8th birthday, who was so nice and accommodating- ensuring we were getting the experience we wanted. Ashley (yes, a girl scientist!) came to do the party and she was awesome! Ashley had everyone engaged, was interactive with all the kids, explained each experiment clearly and they all got to participate. The adults were very impressed. Ashley’s energy was amazing, she clearly loves her job and she is great at it!
Kirsten S Glendale, CA - 5 Stars
Professor Egghead did amazing science demonstrations at my 5-year-old’s science themed birthday party. Everyone at the party (including the parents) learned something new and had a great time in the process! Several of the children even walked away excitedly exclaiming that they too were planning on being scientists one day. You can’t beat that!
Kristina G. Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars
My daughter wanted a science themed 7th birthday party and I am so glad we went with Professor Egghead. Two professors showed up early and set up everything. They had so many experiments, demonstrations, and activities that captured the attention of our wide range of children (ages 3-8). The kids were engaged and excited the entire time. I highly recommend Professor Egghead for an absolutely amazing party!
Lisa W. Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars