Science Workshops

Professor Egghead Science Academy provides intensely engaging science workshops on your school’s campus, during school hours, that will get your students excited about science. Our science workshops can enhance any curriculum at any school, for children in grades K – 3rd. Gaining the full benefits of our specialized, hands-on, mind-blowing curriculum, students participate in interactive 1 hour science workshops during school. And our Professors, with our MobileLabs™ at the ready, are prepared to stimulate young minds with awesome information, inspiration, and revelation!

Workshop Themes

The key to our specialized science workshop curriculum is that it’s designed to engage students in a short period of time while still leaving them with a concrete understanding of important scientific concepts and ideas. We have a wide range of science workshop themes for you to choose from. In this fast-paced world of high-speed Internet connections and rapid uploading, we offer workshops where we can rapidly upload information straight into students’ minds (well, maybe not literally…but…wait, maybe someday!).


Science Workshop FAQs

How do I check if my workshop date is available?
The best way to check your ideal workshop date is to give us a call at 818-856-3996. One of our event Professors is standing by the phone (within business hours) ready to help.

What will the kids be doing at the science workshop?
Our science event is action packed with demonstrations and actual experiments. We have 90 to choose from!

Do I need a lot of space?
The space needed will depend on how many participants you’re expecting. Give us a call and we can figure it out together!

Are there different themes to choose from?
Yes! Our cool science workshop themes are kid tested and parent approved.

What ages do you recommend the science workshop for?
While we do like the little Eggheads, our workshops are for kids between the ages of 5-10. We don’t bring any fluff to our workshops, just science… super cool science.

How long is the science workshop?
Our science workshops run for about 45 min – 1 hour.

How much is a cool science workshop?
We have different packages depending on the number of Eggheads participating. Give us a call to hear the event specials of the week!

Do you have workshop add-ons?
Every participant gets to take home the experiments that they made. If you would like to add something a little extra we do offer an Egghead Shirt upgrade – Shirts are only $15 each.

Book Your Workshop

We make booking super simple. Give us a call, pick your theme, and wait for us to arrive! It’s that easy.

Call us today at 818-856-3996 or complete the form on the left side of the page.