Our Mission

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[heading_line type=”primary_bg” new_line=”0″] Our Mission [/heading_line]

Make Science Accessible, Understandable and Cool

Making Science Accessible

Science in popular culture usually involves a scientist working in a laboratory, mixing chemicals and conducting tests on sophisticated and expensive machinery. But that’s only one small part of what science is all about. It isn’t an exclusive club; anyone should be able to do it. Too often though, there aren’t opportunities for children to engage in science outside of their classroom, which means that if a student doesn’t enjoy “classroom” science, they’ll be turned off it forever.

Professor Egghead Science Academy makes it easy for students to connect with science through a variety of programing options. With workshops, birthday parties, after-school classes, and summer camps, we provide a completely different experience for children that can change the way they think about science forever.

Making Science Understandable

We know that science education is not all that it could be, largely because it’s not presented in a way that’s understandable to young students.

Professor Egghead Science Academy takes a completely different approach to teaching. We break science concepts down into simple, easily defined keywords that children of all ages can understand. Instead of making students memorize these keywords, they learn them by performing real experiments, creating a visceral connection between the experiment and the subject matter. By the end of each session, students have learned dozens of science concepts and should have a general understanding of many scientific terms.

Making Science Cool

At Professor Egghead Science Academy, we make science cool. Our programs are interactive and hands on. No boring science & no fluff! Real experiments, real science, really cool! From slime to snow! From rockets to engineering! We keep students engaged at all times. Professor Egghead Science Academy is a unique community where students can be a part of something bigger, and that’s pretty cool.