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Looking for some fun science during Thanksgiving week? We’ve got you covered with our BRAND NEW Chemical Concoctions camp, running 3 days from 11/23 – 11/25. This short week is only $150, All materials are provided with registration, and registration closes on 11/18, so make sure to sign up!


what is virtual camp?

At Professor Egghead Science Academy, we know the science doesn’t stop just because we’re not in the classroom or able to have traditional camp. Virtual Camp offers all of the benefits of a traditional camp, but remotely! For just $175 /week, you’ll..

  • Get all materials for Science and Engineering Camps, including a free t-shirt ($20 Value)
  • See mind blowing science demonstrations
  • Do hands-on science experiments with your fellow Eggheads
  • Play interactive games and engage in interactive science content
  •  Watch science videos
  • Make new friends and learn science!


how to register

Of course we learn, but we also have fun! The real reason kids love Professor Egghead science camp? They make friends, get messy, laugh, run, and experiment! All of our experiments are certified FUN and lab tested before going out in the field.

From high flying water rockets to stomp pads, solving mysteries and more, each week is a blast at the academy. Check out our themes below, or see locations for camp availability and pricing, as well as registration info!

Registration is easy! Simply browse our camp weekly themes, see what jumps out at you, and register with our fast checkout. 

After you register for camp, you’ll receive information for your selected week of camp – it’s that simple!

a day in the life: daily camp schedule

9:00 AM

Camp Kickoff and Morning Demos!

9:15 AM

Experiment  1

10:00 AM

Snack / Breaktime!

10:15 AM

Experiment 2 

11:00 AM

Science Games!

11:15 AM

Experiment 3

12:00 Noon

Wrap Up and Review

Professor Egghead Virtual Camp Reviews

virtual camp themes



Join the Egghead Team from the comfort of your home as we blast off with our Virtual Chemical Concoction Science Camp! We’ll focus on chemistry, potions, mixing, pouring, and Turkey Science as we  experiment together on Monday – Wednesday before the big holiday. You’ll receive all your materials for the camp ahead of time, and each day we’ll mix, react, and stir our way through exciting science lessons guided LIVE by an expert Professor from the Lab! With interactive content and videos, lab quizzes, polls, hair-raising demonstrations, and take home experiments, we’ll have a blast in the Virtual Lab this Thanksgiving!  

Rocket Camp PRofessor Egghead


Lace up your boots, grab a compass, and buckle up for a week of awesome adventure science with Professor Egghead! All week at virtual science camp, Eggheads will learn what it means to be Extreme Explorers as they dig for fossils, make tar pits that bubble, clean up oil spills, race magnetic bumper cars, and make snow! Each day at camp, Eggheads will take home their experiments, and by the end they’ll be true Extreme Explorers. Caution : Fun Guaranteed!

Detective Camp Professor Egghead


​There’s a mystery to solve! ​Someone has broken into the Academy, and we need a few good detectives to help track them down! ​Campers will become super sleuths as they use science to solve all types of mysteries​​ while trying to crack the case. They’ll test fiber samples and dust for fingerprints, analyze some blood samples (fake of course) and ​experience all types of awesome science demonstrations by their Professor. ​By the end of the week, campers will ​become real super sleuths!

Extravaganza Camp Professor Egghead


Join us (virtually of course) for 4 days of awesome, July 4th Week of interactive, hands-on science!  We’ll be mixing up chemicals, doing awesome demonstrations, and teaching cool science every morning in our Science Extravaganza Camp.  Before camp you’ll receive your Egghead-At-Home Science kit with all the supplies you need to complete every experiment.  Each day your Egghead will login to the provided Zoom meeting link where one of our energetic Professors will guide them through tons of cool experiments, including some awesome science gadgets they’ll be able to reuse and explain to you!



If we’re going to be doing science, we’re going to need materials! Luckily, we’ve planned it all out for you, so that all you need to do is register for class and let us do the rest. 

See below for how you’ll get your materials depending on your location and when you register. 

Virtual Camp Mail


If you register for virtual science camp with more than two weeks notice, we’ll ship you all of your materials needed. Your box will arrive with everything needed for camp, including science materials, legos, and any extra goodies, plus a FREE SHIRT to wear to camp each day!

If you are located more than 20 miles from zip 91202 (Glendale, CA), mail is the only option for your materials delivery. Please make sure your address is accurate on your registration or let us know if you have any special considerations.

virtual camp science dropoff


Registering late for virtual camp inside of two weeks? No problem!

Inside 20 miles of zip 91202 (Glendale, CA), you can sign up until Thursday night the week before camp (4 days before start) and we will get you materials by Monday morning. We will coordinate with you to drop at your location. If you have any questions on materials drops, our office line is open at 818-856-3996.

virtual Camp Pickup


Really want to make it to camp? For late registrants after Friday, we do provide an option for you to pick up supplies directly from our Glendale office and join for Camp on Monday. Registration is open through the weekend for materials pickup, however all camp fees do apply and registration is contingent upon supplies existing and coordination being possible for pickup. We do not guarantee any ability to coordinate a materials delivery in this way, however you can call 818-856-3996 or email [email protected], and if we’re able to help out and put materials out for you, we’ll allow registration.



$150 / week with materials delivered

Ages 5-10

9AM – 12PM

CHEMICAL CONCOCTION CAMP – 11/23-11/25 –   9AM – 12PM

frequently asked questions

How do I register for camp?

By computer! We are huge advocates of technology at the Academy. Scroll up for our summer camp schedule and it will give you instructions on how to sign up for each camp. If you have any questions or difficulty registering, contact us at 818-856-3996 or [email protected]