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We’ve designed our online science classes for kids ages 4-10, and have made them accessible to anyone with access to a computer. Our online science classes are perfect for elementary schools, homeschools, or anyone who wants to bring a better science education to their student. All materials are delivered directly to your door, included in your registration

Classes begin 11/23 and run for 5 weeks. Registration closes 11/19

enhanced online science classeS

Professor Egghead Science Academy Enhanced Learning is one of the first Virtual Classes to bring the in person experience to you right at home!

In our Enhanced Online Science Classes, students receive a box of all the materials needed for their session of 5 weeks. All classes are hands on, live, interactive, and full of learning! 

During class, they’ll be guided live each week for 45 minutes through amazing demonstrations, hands on experiments, and different topics in science as they discover the joy of the world around them. 

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How our classes work

Step 1: Register for class by choosing your day and time. You’ll receive virtual class links and information on class dates.

Step 2: You’ll receive a box of materials delivered to your door within a week of initial registration.

Step 3:  Open your box, login at your class time, and enjoy your online science class!  


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5 weeks starting on 11/25, $100


3 weeks starting on 12/3, $80, $30 if Providing Legos 

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ONLINE science classES

Professor Egghead Best Science After School Classes Class Enrichment Enrichment Lego Astronauts

Blast off this session with the Egghead Astronaut Crew as we explore the far reaches of our universe. Students will set off rockets, make huge chemical reactions, make lava slime, look for life and rocks on other planets, recycle water in space, and make out of this world volcanoes on their way to becoming astronauts!

ONLINE lego engineering classES

Using LEGO™, students will design and build real mega machines like spinning windmills, lifting cranes, elevators, cars, and way more. We’ll use wheels, bands, gears, pulleys, and tons of other cool specialty Lego pieces to build our Machines, and then after the building phase is complete we’ll put them to the test to pass the challenge!