About The Academy

At a Glance

Professor Egghead Science Academy™ offers cool science and engineering programs designed and geared specifically for children ages 4-12. Our programs come to you! Whether you are a school looking for an after school program or in–school workshops to supplement your current science curriculum, or a parent looking for summer camp or awesome birthday party options, we are your one stop shop for all things science!

Our Professors

Our faculty is made up of enthusiastic Professors; the kind who can’t sleep at night because their minds are racing with exciting new ideas and innovations. All of our Professors have received their training and Egghead Teaching License from Professor Egghead Science Academy itself, which allows them to most effectively educate the next generation of Eggheads.

How We Teach

Here at the Academy, we pride ourselves on taking a different approach to teaching science. Remember the days of complicated diagrams and explanations in your textbooks? Are you getting a headache? Well don’t worry; we’ve fixed that problem!
The Academy Mission is to: Make Science Accessible, Understandable and Cool. And our curriculum shows exactly how serious we are about that. We provide simple, real world explanations, by getting our hands messy… which translates to real learning. On top of all that, it’s fun. Ridiculously fun!